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Reef Restoration Foundation (RRF) INC

The organization was created October 26th 2016 by a small group of people concerned by their underwater environment. The NGO has been registered January 2017 in Grenada W.I.

Our Vision

RRF vision is to reduce the threat to coral reefs and help their regeneration by implementing practical solution to restore reefs internationally.

Our Aims & Objectives

•  To protect, preserve and restore reefs;

•  To monitor, design and develop environmentally underwater sustainable projects;

•  To work with and in support of local communities to assist in the protection and preservation of a healthy, diverse and sustainable marine ecosystem;

•  With the help of students, volunteers, scientists, public aquariums, and the community, develop our “home grown” corals and implement projects to keep reefs healthy;

•  To regenerate reefs in needs with concrete action.


Our Mission

RRF mission is to educate, train and exchange about the appropriate use of natural resources with minimal damage to the environment, assist in the protection and preservation of a healthy, diverse and sustainable marine ecosystem.

Our Organization

There are actually 10 members in the organization including volunteers. The committee is composed of 3 women and 7 men. If you are interested to join the organization as volunteer, please submit your candidature by email at



•  Since 2011 Lionfish reached the Caribbean sea. We joined a dive operator, to raise local population awareness and organized lionfish hunt and BBQ on the beach.

•  Shore and Beach clean-up are organized every year in collaboration with schools, woman groups, local businesses, dive centers, etc… Over 25000 pounds of debris were collected as of now.

•  From 2016 to now, over 3700 Indian sea urchins were collected and distributed on 3 different reefs surrounding Carriacou Island, in order to control the growth of algae.

•  April 8 th 2018 the tug boat Troll Mammouth was sunk to create an artificial reef. The vessel sits in 110ft/32m of water

Coming up Projects

•  Displace a vessel sitting on a reef and create another artificial reef

•  Reuse of algae as fertilizer for farmers

•  Create an underwater villa for researchers

•  Artificial reef electrification to grow coral 20 times faster

•  More deployment of sea urchins on reefs covered by algea

•  Coral farming

•  Lionfish hunt,

•  Ban parrotfish harvesting and more.


All Reef Restoration Foundation projects are financed by donation and grants 100% of money invested is going back to the sea.

If you wish to support Reef Restoration Foundation you can make a donation trough Go Fund Me or contact the board in writing at

There is enough evidence of what it has to be done to restore reefs to what they were 50 years ago. Time has come to act.


You can contribute to our action by your donation.